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Cancer Prevention

Demystify Your Cancer Risks

Knowing your genetic predisposition to certain types of cancer and getting regular check-ups, as well as modifying your lifestyle accordingly, can significantly reduce your risks. Taking charge of your health has never been easier.

11+ reports on your predisposition for cancer.

Your first step towards cancer prevention.

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Many cancers can be prevented and the majority is curable if diagnosed early.


of all cancer cases worldwide could be prevented [1]


is a survival prognosis for prostate cancer if caught early [2]


is a survival prognosis for breast cancer patients with early diagnosis [3]

Start your Prevention with the Right Tools

Get a comprehensive view of your health with our integrated testing approach. DNA tests, blood tests, and lifestyle data - all at your disposal, all in one place.

Macromo DNA Health

When you know your health risks, you can focus on preventing them. You will find out your predispositions and risks for a whole range of diseases.

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Macromo DNA Premium

Take control of your health with a comprehensive DNA test. By analyzing your genetic predisposition, you will gain a deeper understanding of your body's unique needs and unlock your potential for a long, healthy, and active life.

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The most advanced DNA analysis on the market that digitizes 100% of your genetic information. Based on your genetic information, you will receive specific recommendations for optimizing your health and lifestyle.

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Find out your risks to 11+ most common cancer types.

Breast Cancer

Discovering your predisposition to breast cancer may indicate you need more frequent check-ups to notice the disease early, shall it ever develop. Getting an early diagnosis is crucial as it significantly improves treatment outcomes and increases the chances of successful recovery.

Colorectal Cancer

Knowing you have a predisposition to colorectal cancer may help you prevent the disease or catch it early. Obtaining an early diagnosis is vital as it enhances treatment options and greatly improves the likelihood of positive treatment outcomes, leading to a 90% survival rate.

Skin Cancer

When you know you have a predisposition to this type of cancer, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself, like using sun protection daily and staying away from the sun during peak hours, as well as monitoring your skin condition closely.

Prostate Cancer

Finding out you have a predisposition to prostate cancer means you need to pay more attention to prevent the disease altogether or diagnose it early, shall it ever develop. Timely detection plays a crucial role in improving treatment prognosis and overall survival rates.

Better Health Starts Here

Family history is as essential in cancer diagnosis as your genetic predisposition. Macromo’s goal is to connect health data from multiple sources to give you the fullest picture of your health. From learning your genetic predispositions with our DNA tests to getting insights into your current health state with blood tests to health data from wearable devices and lifestyle assessment, Macromo helps you make better decisions for your health.

1000+ people use Macromo to improve their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1][2],relative%20survival%20rate%20is%2091%25 [3] Sant M, Allemani C, Capocaccia R, et al. Stage at diagnosis is a key explanation of differences in breast cancer survival across Europe [published correction appears in Int J Cancer. 2003 Dec 20;107(6):1058]. Int J Cancer. 2003;106(3):416-422. doi:10.1002/ijc.11226