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Life Worth Living

Improve Overall Health

Identify your risks for chronic diseases, based on your genetics, blood biomarkers, and lifestyle.


Get more Energy

Stop lacking the energy during the day, based on your nutrition, hormonal balance, and stress.


Understand your DNA

Uncover your inherited predispositions, medication metabolism, genetic traits, and how they affect your life.


Over 2000 happy customers have given us a rating of 4.6/5.

Make Sense of your Health Data

Get truly personalized recommendations and action steps to achieve overall health based on your goals. Analyze your health trends over time. Macromo mobile application is your one-stop hub for you to store, track, and understand your health data.

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Your Health, Unified, and Simplified

Get a comprehensive view of your health with our integrated approach. Mobile Application, At-home Tests, and Health Consultations - all at your disposal, all in one place.

At-home Testing

Choose from the widest selection: DNA, Blood, and Gut Microbiome.

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Mobile Application

Store your health data and get evidence-based insight.

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Health Programs

Achieve your goals with coaching combined with at-home tests.

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It Takes up to 15 Years for the Latest Science to Make it to Clinical Guidelines

Gain immediate access with Macromo. We rely on trusted scientific sources and constantly monitor the latest research to ensure that our content and datasets reflect the evolving fields of genetics and medicine.

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Hear It From Our Customers, It’s Working!

Over 2000 happy customers have given us a rating of 4.6/5.



Every woman wants to stay beautiful and healthy and the Macromo DNA test can help us achieve this. Knowing our genetic disposition will allow us to take steps to prevent disease, but it is also a useful tool for making the right diet and lifestyle choices.


Sales Representative

Thanks to Macromo, I found out that I have a higher LDL cholesterol level than recommended. I followed the recommendations I received on the app and got tested again in 4 months. My LDL level is now within normal levels.



The test helped me to identify my genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, including an increased risk of coronary heart disease, and to start a healthier lifestyle. The app gave me personalized recommendations on how to minimize my risk of manifesting the disease.

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