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Your Personalized
Health Journey

Science-driven protocols that support longevity, health, and performance.

Make Sense of
Your Health Data

Each day brings new health fads: "Eat this, supplement that, train like that, avoid these!" It’s overwhelming. All your wearables, lab tests, and medical records are disconnected, unable to guide you or your GP.

We’re on a mission to change that and create a one-stop hub for you to store, track, understand, and effectively act on your health data.

Over 100 happy early access members have given us a rating of 4.8/5

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Your Health, Unified, and Simplified

Get a comprehensive view of your health with our integrated approach. Mobile Application, At-home Tests, and Health Consultations - all at your disposal, all in one place.


Easy way to track your daily habits and improve over time.

At-home Testing

Choose from the widest selection: DNA, Blood, and Gut Microbiome.

Personalized Protocols

A step-by-step guide to achieving your health goals powered by AI.

Health Data Wallet

Securely import and store your health data, test results, and medical records

Health Coaching

Specialized online coaching focused on longevity.

No New Fitnesstracker

Simple connect Health and use data from your Apple Watch.

Gain Immediate Access to the Latest Longevity Science

We rely on trusted scientific sources and constantly monitor the latest research to ensure that our content and datasets reflect the evolving fields of longevity, genetics, and medicine. The Protocols in the Macromo Application are the fastest way to update your routine.

See What Early Access Members
are Saying about Macromo



Every woman wants to stay beautiful and healthy, and the Macromo supports my daily journey. It’s a useful tool for making the right diet and lifestyle choices.


Sales Representative

Thanks to Macromo, I found out that I have a higher LDL cholesterol level. I followed the protocols I received in the app and got tested again in 4 months. My LDL level is now within normal levels.



Macromo helped me to identify my predisposition to cardiovascular disease, including an increased risk of coronary heart disease. The app gave me personalized protocols on how to minimize my risk.

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

Respected European clinicians provide us with feedback and guidance in their expertise.

Pavel Hrobon, M.S., MD

Founder of Advance Healthcare Management Institute, Scientist and policy advisor at CERGE-EI

Prof. Michal Vrablik, Ph.D., MD

Professor and Researcher specializing in Preventive Cardiology, Lipidology, and Metabolic Health. Chief of Czech Society for Atherosclerosis (Charles University, VFN Prague)

Martina Zimovjanova, Ph.D., MD

Oncologist, Researcher, Head Physician of the Oncology Department at VFN Prague

Jiri Dostal, Ph.D., MD

Founder, CEO, and Head Physician at the Center for Sports Medicine in Prague, specializing in elite exercise physiologyI

Wouldn’t you like
to live longer?

Today's healthcare addresses the symptoms of aging rather than preventing them, resulting in late interventions that sacrifice quality of life. Everybody is overwhelmed by unproven anti-aging products and magic pills.

We emphasize a personalized regimen of healthy living, sleep, exercise, nutrition, and consistent health checks to promote an enhanced lifespan.

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