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About Us

We’re Creating Personalized Health Journeys

Inspired by our own struggle with health and trying to keep up with all the latest in longevity, we're here to provide evidence-based solutions that are simple to follow, and understandable.

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People hate being sick. Yet, today's healthcare addresses the symptoms rather than preventing them. This reactive approach has led to delayed interventions and a significant decrease in the quality of life for millions around the globe. The complexity of diseases, influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors, demands a comprehensive understanding.
We're building recurring personalized action steps in a mobile app. It uses your personal goals, medical history, laboratory tests, and wearables data to help you understand your health and longevity. Our approach utilizes machine learning, statistics, and a custom-built AI model, integrating large amounts of health data. We rely on trusted scientific sources and constantly monitor the latest research to ensure our datasets reflect the evolving fields of longevity and medicine.
Here's how we're bringing this vision to life:
Empowering Individuals
We're creating tools for individuals to take control of their health through personalized coaching. We rely on sleep, exercise, nutrition, and consistent health checks to promote an enhanced lifespan.
Supporting Healthcare Professionals
Our platform will provide doctors with prioritized, relevant data, allowing them to focus more on patient interaction and less on data navigation. This will enhance early detection and diagnosis accuracy while reducing healthcare costs.
Facilitating Diagnoses
Eventually, Macromo will autonomously suggest diagnoses and recommend the next steps, under medical supervision. This approach will democratize healthcare access, especially in developing countries, reduce costs, and, most importantly, save lives.
In the long term, we aim to help in almost every aspect of human health: effective prevention, accurate diagnosis, and optimal treatment. We’re creating a future where healthcare is personalized and accessible to all humans.

Eva Kuttichova & Petr Stepanek

Co-founders & Co-CEOs

We’re Building with these Values in Mind

Excellence Through Science

We harness cutting-edge tech and independent scientific studies to provide clear, unbiased health recommendations.

Health Empowerment

We advocate for personalized health interventions, rooted in a thorough health history analysis, genetic predispositions, and lifestyle.

Responsible Innovation

We communicate all recommendations clearly never to cause medical anxiety. We store health data with the highest security compliance and collaborate only with reputable laboratories.

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

Respected European clinicians provide us with feedback and guidance in their expertise.

Pavel Hrobon, M.S., MD

Founder of Advance Healthcare Management Institute, Scientist and policy advisor at CERGE-EI

Prof. Michal Vrablik, Ph.D., MD

Professor and Researcher specializing in Preventive Cardiology, Lipidology, and Metabolic Health. Chief of Czech Society for Atherosclerosis (Charles University, VFN Prague)

Martina Zimovjanova, Ph.D., MD

Oncologist, Researcher, Head Physician of the Oncology Department at VFN Prague

Jiri Dostal, Ph.D., MD

Founder, CEO, and Head Physician at the Center for Sports Medicine in Prague, specializing in elite exercise physiologyI

RNDr. Martin Radina

Biochemist, Founder and CEO at SPADIA Lab, Macromo Investor

Pavel Hrobon, M.S., MD

Founder of Advance Healthcare Management Institute, Scientist and policy advisor at CERGE-EI

Amazing People behind Macromo

Our team is deeply and personally engaged in the healthcare and longevity sector.

Michal Pohludka, Ph.D.

Co-founder & CSO

Health is a crucial part of our daily lives, and there are many ways we can improve it daily, including through our lifestyle choices, exercise, getting enough sleep, and finding joy and laughter. We aim to support individuals, assist doctors, and relieve the healthcare system, which is frequently under pressure. We believe in the power of prevention, even though it's often overlooked, to make a significant difference in people's lives.

Vaclav Janousek, Ph.D.

Senior Bioinformatician

Personalized healthcare is becoming more popular. By combining DNA test results with other health records, wearables, and apps, we get a more complete picture of an individual's health. This aids in preventing diseases by spotting health risks early, enabling people to take action to stay healthy. Ultimately, this can help people live longer.

Michaela Neprasova

Lead Health Coach

In my earlier years, my health focus was on athletic performance and appearance. Transitioning into motherhood and mid-life, my perspective shifted towards prevention and the link between lifestyle, diet, and well-being. As a self-proclaimed "health nerd," I delved deeper into various topics and was astonished by how little of the latest scientific discoveries are translated into medical practice and the information we receive from our physicians.

Macromo Investors Day

December 2023

In 2023 Macromo reached many milestones: we successfully processed nearly 2,000 samples, completely redesigned our infrastructure, improved the Macromo Engine, and created reliable automated logistics for our at-home tests.