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About Us

We Integrate Health Data to Enable Precision Medicine

We believe the future of health is no longer only about reactive treatments, but about addressing underlying causes and improving people's quality of life.

Do You Share these Concerns with Us?


You have a limited understanding of your health risks.


Your health data is all over the place, and you don't use them.


You are probably not measuring the right biomarkers.


There are too many news about health, it is confusing!

Achieve Overall health with Macromo

Get a comprehensive view of your health with our integrated approach. Mobile Application, At-home Tests, and Health Consultations - all at your disposal, all in one place.

Get Started

We’re Developing a Precision Medicine Platform From the Ground Up


We provide in-app recommendations, and health consultations, and acquire users through data importing and test sales.

Organisations and Hospitals

As a physician's assistant, we support medical professionals in better-informed and evidence-based decision-making.


We help to optimize the efficiency of the healthcare system by providing insights into population health.

We’re Building with these Values in Mind

Excellence Through Science

We harness the prowess of cutting-edge technology and independent scientific studies to provide clear, unbiased, and superior health recommendations.

Health Empowerment

We integrate advanced laboratory techniques and research into everyday healthcare. We advocate for personalized medical interventions, rooted in a thorough health history analysis, genetic predispositions, and lifestyle

Responsible Innovation

We make sure to communicate all of the risks clearly not to cause medical anxiety. We store health data within the EU. We collaborate with reputable laboratories. We employ pseudonymization to protect your privacy at all times.