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About Us

We change how people understand and manage their health.

We're unlocking the potential of science and technology in healthcare.

We use our deep-tech Macromo Engine to analyze data from wearables, genetics, and lab tests collected by millions worldwide. Instead of isolating these data sets, which results in ineffective prevention and delayed interventions, we strive for a more comprehensive view. Our goal is to facilitate the transition of healthcare from a reactive disease treatment approach to a proactive one centered on targeted prevention and self-care.

Our Values

Excellence Through Science

We harness the prowess of cutting-edge technology and independent scientific studies to provide clear, unbiased, and superior health recommendations.

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Health Empowerment

We integrate advanced laboratory techniques and research into everyday healthcare. We advocate for personalized medical interventions, rooted in a thorough health history analysis, genetic predispositions, and lifestyle

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Responsible Innovation

We make sure to communicate all of the risks clearly not to cause medical anxiety. We store health data within the EU. We collaborate with reputable laboratories. We employ pseudonymization to protect your privacy at all times.

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Founding Story

During his studies, Petr dedicated himself to working with patients afflicted by a rare, often misdiagnosed disease known as Wilson's Disease. The complex web of symptoms that are easily mistaken makes early detection, yet earlier diagnosis could dramatically enhance the patient’s quality of life. This view has sparked his quest to engineer an algorithm that would sift through health data to aid doctors in diagnosing this elusive condition.

Petr saw the opportunity to expand this approach to all diseases. Despite significant advancements in laboratory diagnostics, wearable trackers, computing, and AI, a holistic approach to guiding early prevention remained largely unexplored. Petr recognized the enormity of the task ahead. To successfully orchestrate this endeavor, he would need strategic partnerships with laboratories and industry leaders, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface to make such a solution understandable and usable by anybody.

First, he reached out to Eva, who had built a successful career as a designer in the big tech industry. Known for her avid interest in biohacking, she frequently experimented with at-home tests, and various methods of self-improvement. Next, he enlisted Michal, a seasoned corporate director turned entrepreneur, whose extensive network within Europe's pharma industry was unrivaled. United by a common goal, they combined their talents to form an innovative team. The outcome was Macromo - an embodiment of their vision to revolutionize healthcare through technology.

From right Michal Pohludka, Petr Štěpánek, Eva Kuttichová

Michal Pohludka and Eva Kuttichová on Arab Health 2023

Petr Štěpánek and Eva Kuttichová on Sigma2 Summit

Founders with investors Martin Radina and Adam Sládek