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December 2023 | Slush | EN

HealthTech Startup Showcase: Macromo

Závažným onemocněním jde přecházet. Stačí k tomu jen vzorek slin či krve

February 2024 | Roklen | CZ

October 2023 | Lead Today Shape Tomorrow | EN

LTST23: Startup Pitches

October 2023 | 5Reasons | CZ

Michal Pohludka: Univerzity by měly zakládat startupy, žiju vědou

July 2023 | A-Cast | CZ


Macromo Investors Day

December 2023

In 2023 Macromo reached many milestones: we successfully processed nearly 2,000 samples, completely redesigned our infrastructure, improved the Macromo Engine, and created reliable automated logistics for our at-home tests.

We're Honored to Receive these Awards

Global Finalist, Southern EU Winner

She Loves Tech 2023

Pre-seed Winner

Lead Today Shape Tomorrow 2023

Top 12

Vodafone Napad Roku 2023