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Science & Technology

Introducing the Macromo Engine

The state-of-the-art bioinformatic pipelines running on a cloud, combined with a powerful recommendation-generating AI.

Evidence-based Recommendations

We developed the Macromo Engine allowing anybody to get a clear and complete picture of their health risks. This involves analyzing your personal health history, considering your genetic predispositions, and taking into account your lifestyle habits.

The Macromo Engine currently drives our mobile app, providing critical health insights directly to you. Looking to the future, this powerful deep tech could assist doctors to make more informed decisions. With modern laboratory methods churning out a vast amount of data, we are ensuring this data is processed and interpreted computationally, unlocking more profound insights.

We Harness the Power of the Latest Scientific Research

Data Mining

We harness the power of advanced data mining techniques on reputable scientific studies, employing cutting-edge machine learning approaches. Our work is rooted in the trustworthiness and credibility of peer-reviewed scientific research.

Reinforced Learning

The initial heavy lifting is entrusted to our artificial intelligence, followed by meticulous scrutiny by our in-house team of medical experts. This dual-pronged approach ensures the integrity of the data.

Research at Macromo

In a commitment to transparency, we ensure all research sources are shared openly. Every piece of information we use is backed by detailed references, ensuring our insights remain verifiable and reliable.

Scientific Advisory Board

Members of our Scientific Advisory Board are respected scientists and clinicians, providing feedback, oversight, and guidance in their respective fields of expertise.

Michal Pohludka Ph.D.

Board Vice President Charles University Innovation Prague, Co-Founder of Macromo

RNDr. Martin Radina

Founder and CEO SPADIA LABS, Strategic Advisor and Investor to Macromo

Lenka Piherová, Ph.D.

Researcher and Clinical Geneticist, Medicine faculty at Charles University, Advisor to Macromo

We Partnered with the Best Laboratories to Bring High-Quality Results with Integrity

At Macromo, we stand out in the wellness testing industry for our commitment to data security and quality. We use state-of-the-art technologies to process all biological samples. In line with this commitment, we have formed partnerships with some of the world's most respected laboratories.

These partner laboratories share our dedication to security, abiding by the stringent conditions set by the GDPR as all samples are processed within the EU. With their certifications and adherence to ISO 17025 quality compliance processes, we guarantee the highest levels of quality in our work.